Third eye Meditation - 2

Third Eye Meditation #2

This third eye meditation is a powerful technique to activate and open the 6th chakra to improve intuition, inner knowledge and wisdom.

Sit in a comfortable position, either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair. Sit up tall with the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chest open. Rest the hands on the knees or lap with the palms facing up. Relax the face, jaw, and belly. Let the tongue rest on the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth. Lightly close the eyes and gaze upwards at the point between the eyebrows, the third eye or 6th chakra.

Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply in and out through the nose. On the inhalation, focus on feeling the breath start at the tip of the nose and rise upwards to the third eye. On the exhalation, focus on feeling the breath move from the third eye downwards to the tip of the nose.

Bring as much of your awareness and attention to your breath as possible with each moment. If thoughts arise in the mind, let them go, and return the focus back to the breath.

Practice this meditation for 10-20 minutes. To end, gently let the eyes blink open, inhale the palms together in front of the heart, exhale and gently bow. Take a moment or two before moving on with the rest of your day.