About Us

This site is the outcome of my love for the science of Yoga and Health and my intention to freely share the wisdom and practice of yoga with humanity.

I am an instrument with intentions. Names and background data are irrelevant, for our spirits must continue to transcend all forms of conditioning....after all we are nothing but eternal specks of light on the otherwise shifting sands of time and space. I hope you enjoy your experience on this site and that the practice of Yoga helps you integrate in body, mind and spirit so that the wondrous journey of life is undertaken with deeper awareness, meaning and clarity.

The longest journey we will ever make is from our head to our heart. How often do we ask ourselves the question, "Why are we, the way we are?" The answer perhaps is "If we don't know where we are going, any road will get us there!" We often take pride in our "multitasking" abilities, in being efficient performers competing at every level in order to maintain our social and financial status, yet most of us are so out-of-sync with our own breath, body, thoughts and spirit.

Yoga is a life-style and a non-competitive system for the development of human potential and is based on the concept of self-worth. No matter what your physical condition, your age, your abilities, or your disabilities, yoga uses what you have, recognizes the wonder of you, and makes you better. Unlike other forms of physical exercise, yoga has something for everyone. No one is excluded. People with chronic diseases and disabilities face "can't" at every turn in their lives: they can't play golf, can't play tennis, can't run, can't over-exert themselves, can't walk without a cane and some can't walk at all.

In yoga, there are no cant's. Yoga can be modified and adapted to suit the needs of everyone. And although yoga is not a "show off" sort of activity, people with disabilities often excel in some postures. The bottom line is, people appreciate the fact that yoga appreciates them – just as they are!

Yoga is not a huffing-puffing ordeal. It's a slow, thoughtful system of stretching and balancing. There is a pose which affects every muscle in the body, and the poses activate and stimulate circulation, digestion, elimination, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Almost at once, your body responds to the deep breathing and stretching: you feel better as yoga's cleansing action begins to rid your body of toxins. This results in self-reinforcement and because you feel better, the desire to continue is strong. Then as you are able to stretch a little farther and bend more easily, you set goals for improvement and the process is underway.

Mind you, Yoga is not a fashion trend - It is serious life transforming business that transcends philosophical rhetoric and its objective it to empower us with "authentic insights and living tools" that are often lost due to the "over commercialization" of Yoga. Rest assured, I don't intend to come across as a preacher which is why I have made information on this site freely accessible to all researchers of health and consciousness.


Yogamission has been created to share a method that is based on the tradition of yoga and reveals the laws of the real spiritual science, having immediate practical applications.

We are aware that our times are very challenging for everybody. The materialist culture and education created a lack of horizon in many people's lives. And even if most of them feel that they are much more than the physical body, it is still hard for them to find a way of revealing the hidden spiritual parts of their being. Being scientific and practical, it is easy to approach by the people of our modern world. Being also founded in the deepest spiritual tradition of our planet, this method leads to a profound spiritual transformation of the one who perseveres enough.

We do not mistake yoga for a "keep fit" method. Yoga is an accurate science of personal development and it has the power to transform every single aspect of your life in a positive way. Because the yoga techniques are natural, appropriate for our structure, logical and very effective, they can be practiced by everybody, irrespective of age, believes, religion, convictions, social status or physical health. You will have the understanding that life is much more than a sum of coincidences. And that you are the master of your destiny.

The Tradition: A path to perfection

In Patanjalis ancient famous compendium of yoga: "Yoga Sutras", he gives us the first complete definition of yoga as a staircase with eight steps to perfection (asthanga) for the human being having the aspiration to walk the path :

"Yoga with eight branches is like this:

Yama(perfection in social morality)

Niyama (perfection in individual morality)

Asana (postures)

Pranayama (breathing exercises)

Pratyahara (withdrawing)

Dharana (concentration)

Dhyana (meditation)

Samadhi (sublime ecstasy)

Patanjali,Yoga Sutras – ("The First Compendium of Yoga")

The uniqueness of the Yoga practiced in Yogamission is that it fully adapts to Patanjalis masterpiece. The eight branches, mentioned by Patanjali, are the premises for a complete yoga-system.

The Teaching: Continuous transformation

The teachings in Yogamission follow the traditional and complete way of working with spirituality and spiritual transformation, with emphasis on the true and authentic value of yoga, tantra and meditation.

We do this because we believe that the traditional teachings, when applied with wisdom and heart, can be a tool for continuous transformation in our contemporary times. A transformation that is needed for all of us.

Transformation is growth and development. Transformation always leads to happiness and freedom.

Experience the stream of life

The practises of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation will add a new profound dimension to your life. Discovering your inner spiritual realm means to experience yourself as love and freedom despite any outer circumstance. You will plunge into the stream of life and while your inner life will fertilize and blossom in spirit, you will find new life suddenly fountain from your daily doings.

"Doing things" is not in opposition to spiritual transformation, handled with deep spiritual involvement and awareness they can become a path of enlightenment in themselves (karma yoga).

The spiritual teachings of Yogamission do not force the practitioner into caves, negation or solitude. On the contrary, they encourage you to live the modern life; they are tools perfectly adapted to the times we live in: times of intensity, continuous changes and overwhelming challenges. In order for you to be in the stream of life, Yogamission offers you support for a spiritual life and inner aliveness.

We put all our soul, enthusiasm, energy and knowledge in supporting all of our followers to follow their own paths. This is a journey and an adventure that is open to all of us.