Modified Warrior


(Cow Head)

Supta Veerasana

(Supine Hero)


As I to try express myself and to share with you all that resides in my being, I realize the gross limitations of man-made languages, of incompetent vocabulary and the petty nuances of written communication that need to be considered…but then I questioned myself, why is it that I want to share all this with you? The unequivocal response received was: Because I love you, I care for your well being and most importantly, because it is our "birth right to evolve". At a materialistic level, I understand this may be difficult for some to comprehend but regardless, I make my intention known.

During my early years as a voluntary social worker, I spent a lot of time in morgues and Anatomy dissection labs surrounded by cadavers and their body parts laid out on demo tables and preserved in formaldehyde septic tanks. I must admit; I enjoyed being with cadavers because it is in their morbid company that I first began to appreciate the dynamic interaction of finer forces inside and outside our mortal coils. It is these "subtle interactions" that bridge the divide between life and death and when understood, give clearer meaning to the chemistry of life. The techniques and practice of Yoga are all about being able to decipher this code of ongoing interactions, which in turn enables you to see through the clutter of hypocrisy and confusion so that the veil of delusion can be pierced with the arrow of your loving conscious objective discrimination.

Mind you, there is nothing complex about this "code of interactions" but as ironical as it may sound, sometimes "simplicity" is hard to decode, especially when we have been conditioned to constantly strive to enhance control over our lives using all the advancement and sophistication that we have made available to ourselves. Whether we like to admit it or not, consciously and subconsciously, all our endeavors are geared to bringing peace, love and joy in our lives and of those we care for. Remember, doing what you like is freedom; and liking what you do, is happiness. The chemistry of life involves a dynamic interaction between our physical, financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspirations and key here is "integration" which comes from an impeccable understanding of our own essence. To put it simply, this integration will only happen:

* When your body is vigorous, your mind clear, your spirit exalted, your blood pure, your nerves disciplined, your physique resistant to disease and when you have made of your physical frame an instrument worthy of the divine player – this is the beginning of Yoga.

* When your service is to your creator and to your fellowmen, when you perform all tasks joyfully, when you are humble in success and cheerful in adversity, when you are indifferent to praise or offense and when you bow down in gratitude for the difficulties and obstacles you encounter – this is the progress of Yoga.

* When you are master of thought and ruler of emotion, when amid all vicissitudes your calm enjoyment of inward peace is complete, when every detail of existence evokes in you wonder and owe, when you feel each moment of life to be a miracle, when you merge your infinitesimal soul in the ocean of infinite silence and when you truly love all living things as part of yourself – this is the attainment of Yoga.

Is the ideal too high, the goal too inaccessible? If this is what you feel, then simply remember the Chinese proverb, "A journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step". Yoga is the process which will facilitate this integration and I, a meager instrument available at your disposal.